Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Pets

   The Benefits of Feeding Raw Food


A more natural, evolutionary based diet like Paleopet Pure™ Biologically Appropriate Raw Food means these are just some of the benefits of feeding raw food to your pets:

  • • Better mobility for pets with orthopaedic ailments and arthritis
    • Better body water balance, reducing kidney disorders
    • Better dental and oral health
    • Relief from “Dry eye” syndrome
    • Relief from weight issues
    • Fewer allergic reactions
    • Fewer general behavourial problems

Pets experiencing health issues such as lymphoma, cancer or obesity will benefit greatly when fed the Paleopet Pure™ Biologically Appropriate Raw Food dog diet.

Feeding Paleopet Pure™ Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, means you can expect:

  • • Smaller, firmer, tidier and “no smell” doggy doo’s
    • A shiny, glossy coat and healthy, itch-free skin
    • Healthy digestive and reproduction systems
    • A stronger immune system
    • Strong bones and joints
    • Increased lean body mass
    • A natural resistance to parasites
    • Stable blood sugar – less chance of developing diabetes
    • Sweet, fresh doggy breath
    • Longer, healthier life span
    • Fewer vet’s bills, expensive medications and unnecessary medical procedures!
    • More years with your best pal by your side!
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