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PaleoPet Pure Beef Bones – 1 Kg Medium Sized

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A 1 Kilogram pack of medium sized, vacuum sealed Beef Bones from cows that are free-range and grass fed.

These bones are recommended for medium and smaller breeds. 

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The rule of thumb when feeding bone is that the bone should be larger than the length of the muzzle of the dog. Whole bones that have been swallowed can lead to blockages, perforation of the stomach or colon and ultimately death, so choosing an appropriate size bone is important. Hard bones are good for teeth cleaning and recreation and you should monitor your dog while they eat them, the bone should be gnawed gradually until it is broken down, when it is small enough to potentially be swallowed whole it should be taken away and discarded. A runny tummy just after eating a large amount of bone is not unusual and is no a cause for alarm. Always feed bones raw and never cook them.

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