Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Pets

   Transitioning to Raw Food


Most dogs will happily begin eating Paleopet Pure™ without a transition period and you can begin feeding them straight away without weaning them off their old food. If your dog has a health issue though, it is sometimes worth transitioning your dog a little more slowly. 

Dogs that are addicted to processed “fast foods” may need to be transitioned to a more natural diet of Paleopet Pure™. This simply means that you may have to persist in order to get them to eat initially – the same way you would with a junk food addict faced with a healthy meal! If at first, your pal turns his/her nose up when you place the new food in front of them, take the food away and try again in an hour or two. Keep repeating until he/she gets hungry enough to eat what you put down.

Often our dogs are overfed and not really hungry at all, or are simply fussy eaters. However, a hungry dog will eat eventually and will discover the great tasting meal in his/her bowl! Older dogs that have been on a processed diet for many years may be better transitioned by initially mixing a bit of Paleopet Pure™ Biologically Appropriate Raw Food in with their old food to begin with – remove a tablespoon or so (depending on your pet’s size) of their old food and replace it with the raw food each meal. Over a period of roughly a week you can gradually decrease the amount of processed food until they are eating only Paleopet Pure™ Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

The best product to begin feeding is the 100% Chicken, it is bland and quite digestible, although some tummy upset and runny stools may be present for a few days to begin with as your dog’s system detoxes and adjusts to the new natural food, don’t be alarmed, this is normal and shouldn’t last long. We advocate the use of a probiotic, which should aid the transition. If you feel unsure or worried, call us for assistance. The effort will be well worth it!


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