Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Pets

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We are a bunch of animal enthusiasts who don’t believe that the processed, mass produced pellet foods most people feed their beloved pets are the answer. We believe it is the equivalent of living on a meal replacement, and as humans we would never presume that a diet which consists of a percentage of protein, carbohydrate and a bunch of artificial vitamins and minerals would lead to a healthy body … or mind.

So about a 15 years ago we decided to start feeding our Border Collies Ian Billinghurst’s BARF diet. We saw improvements in the appearance of their coats, eyes and teeth, but also an increase in their energy and the elimination of some ailments undoubtedly associated with pellet food.

Since then we have read, researched and developed our own formulas with the help of one of Johannesburg’s leading veterinary physicians, which we believe deliver the right balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. They vary somewhat from the traditional BARF formulas, but essentially encompass the same principles. Most of our meals are formulated to be complete, meaning that you could feed your pet nothing else but the meal and it would be sufficient to deliver everything they naturally need.  Any supplements we do add are only pharmaceutical grade, we do not use animal or veterinary grade ingredients.

Paleopet Pure™ Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Pets is based in Johannesburg, we are passionate about only using humanely farmed animals in our food, being environmentally responsible and following sustainable practices. 


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