Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Pets

   Why Feed Raw?


The simplest answer is because that is how your dog or cat would be forced to eat if you were not around, so it is obviously the most natural way to feed them. Given this, we can rationally assume that our pets are adequately equipped from a digestive perspective to be able to process food in raw form with little trouble, but unfortunately in this day and age there is an assumption that processed food is how our dogs and cats are meant to eat and that raw food is both bad for them and dangerous.

We buy expensive food from our vets thinking and honestly believing that this is the best we could possibly feed our furry family member. This is far from the truth however and companion animals have never before experienced the kind of maladies they do in present times. In the USA, statistics put companion pet cancer at one in four pets, that’s 25% of the companion animal population!

Many people are beginning to see that diet obviously plays a role and that perhaps the processed foods we have been feeding may be partly responsible. We see many new pet foods on the market today claiming to be grain free (containing rice and oats), this is a reaction to a market whose pets are not doing well on traditional maize and wheat based foods. If the first ingredient listed on your pet food is cereal, then you need to reconsider what you are feeding your dog or cat. This ingredient forms the basis of most commercial pet foods, not because it is appropriate for your pet to eat, but because it is far cheaper than using meat or even meat derivatives. It is a filler, designed to add bulk to the product at very little cost. These foods often only have the minimum requirements in terms of protein and fat, require the addition of synthetic vitamins to increase the nutritional value of the food and are heavily over processed, sometimes even stuffed full of preservatives and colourants.

PaleoPet Pure™ Raw Food for Pets is completely natural and contains only whole food form supplements to boost nutritional content. We do not add anything synthetic or chemical to our food, ingredients are always processed in raw form and immediately frozen. We do not use battery or cage farmed animals that are fed growth promoters or hormones and our whole food supplements are of the best quality. Our Classic Complete Meals contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids to suit every type of dog – young or old, healthy or ailing.

Feeding your pet a balanced raw diet made from quality ingredients is the best thing you can do for their health and longevity. They are perfectly equipped and adapted to eating raw food and almost every pet will transition with no trouble at all. Many health issues that are a direct result of eating a species inappropriate commercial diet can be resolved using a natural, raw diet. Dogs that suffer from bad breath, anal gland issues, digestive disorders, skin disorders and allergies, pancreatitis and even epilepsy can benefit tremendously from a natural diet.


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