Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Pets

PaleoPet Pure 100% Chicken Patties – 1,2 Kg

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Tub contains 12 Individually Wrapped 100g Patties which can be defrosted one at a time, ideal for smaller dogs.
Registered in terms of Act 36 of 1947: V28217
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PaleoPet Pure 100% Chicken Patties for Dogs – 1,2 Kg

PaleoPet Pure 100% Chicken Patties are made from Locally Farmed, Free Range Minced Chicken & Bone Patties. Nothing else.

Complementary Raw Dog Food

INGREDIENTS: Free Range Minced Chicken (Meat, Fat, Bone)

Average Analysis

Protein (min) 175 g/kg / 115 g/1000 Kcal | Moisture (max) 700 g/kg / 430 g/1000 Kcal | Fat (min) 80 g/kg / 57 g/1000 Kcal | Calcium (max) 14 g/kg / 9 g/1000 Kcal | Phosphorus (max) 8 g/kg / 5 g/1000 Kcal | 1000 Kcal is approximately 630 grams as fed.

Feeding Guidelines


Should consume 2 to 3% of their IDEAL body weight in food per day divided into two meals. Some small breeds may require 3 to 4%.


Should consume 6 to 8% of their body weight in food per day divided into three meals until six months of age. Not suitable for puppies under 500g in weight, small pieces may present a choking hazard.


Should consume 6 to 8% of their body weight in food per day during the last two weeks of pregnancy and while whelping.

Feed according to the individual needs of your dog. Every dog is a little different.

Not for human consumption.

  1. carrie

    We chose the patties as we were starting our crew off on raw food and thought this would be the easiest way to get to grips with dosage, mixing meals, and settling tummies to new food. The patties were incredibly convienient, allowing me to take out the correct amount of food needed for the troops for each day. The fact that they are in nice sealed baggies also makes it nice and neat for those that are not keen on touching meaty things.

    As for whether the food is yummy – well, meal time became a scrum with me trying to dish faster than the cats could help themselves to the dogs dinner. The 3 schnauzers were bounding like puppies, racing to get to their dinner zones first for their ultra delicious meals! I now have a permanent following of dogs and cats watching my every move in case I sneak off and do dinner or breakfast related things – they then tear off to sit and wait for food – and tear back to check I am not eating it myself! I think I can say that they love their Paleopet meals!

  2. Cindy Beaumont

    My doggies love this!!

  3. Bridgette Bishop

  4. Leah Levy

    My chihuahua absolutely adores this product. It’s relatively inexpensive and provides all the nutrients she needs! The patty also makes it easier to feed her the right portion.

    • isis

      Hi Leah, little dogs do tend to like the 100% Chicken, but it is important to note that it is not a complete meal and does not provide all your dog’s nutrient requirements. This food should only form part of a complete diet, it is important the complete meals are also fed.

  5. Jonathan E.

    zaSouth Africa

    Our 7 month old Yorkie male loves this! Immediately liked it and quickly ate all of the food given. We started on 60g as recommended for a morning feed, but he seems to want to eat more, we are now seeing how he goes on a 100g pattie.

  6. Angie

    zaGauteng, South Africa

    My pets fave! Convenient that these parties are packed individually!

  7. Colette Saitowitz

    zaGauteng, South Africa

    My furkids love it 🥰

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