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PaleoPet Pure Chicken & Ostrich Meal – 1,5 Kg (2 x 750g)

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A Balanced & Complete Raw Meal for Dogs made with Karoo Ostrich & Free Range locally farmed Chicken with Vegetables & Fruit


This is a 1,5 Kilogram pack made up of two 750 gram tubs, ideal for feeding a medium sized dog or a few small dogs. 



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PaleoPet Pure Chicken & Ostrich Meal for Dogs – 1,5 Kg (2 x 750g)

INGREDIENTS: Chicken (Meat, Liver, Heart, Gizzards, Fat, Bone), Ostrich (Liver, Heart, Gizzards), Pumpkin/Butternut, Carrots, Apple, Beetroot, Spinach, Ginger, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Kelp (Ascohpyllum nosodum), Organic Spirulina, DHA from Phytoplankton, Zinc Picolinate

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (min) 130 g/kg | 102 g/1000 Kcal
Moisture (max) 750 g/kg | 588 g/1000 Kcal
Fat (min) 75 g/kg | 59 g/1000 Kcal
Fibre (max) 4,2 g/kg | 3,3 g/1000 Kcal
Ash (max) 25,5 g/kg | 20 g/1000 Kcal
Calcium (max) 6,0 g/kg | 5,9 g/1000 Kcal
Phosphorus (max) 3,8 g/kg | 3,7 g/1000 Kcal
Potassium (min) 2,1 g/kg | 2,1 g/1000 Kcal
Iron (min) 30 mg/kg | 30 mg/1000 Kcal
Zinc (min) 32 mg/kg | 25 mg/1000 Kcal
Vitamin A (min) 7 400 IU/kg | 5 800 IU/1000 Kcal
B1 Thiamine (min) 4 mg/kg | 3,1 mg/1000 Kcal
Omega 3 (DHA) 650 mg/kg | 509 mg/1000 Kcal

1000 Kcal is approximately 780 grams as fed.

Registered in terms of Act 36 of 1947: V28219
  1. Wilna (verified owner)

    My Jackies love this!!

  2. Carien (verified owner)

    High quality ingredients professionaly packaged!

  3. Viantha (verified owner)

    Love love LOVE Paleo Pet Pure. My golden adores the food, and the high quality of the food leaves me sleeping well at night, knowing my pet is being well taken care of!

  4. cathy (verified owner)

    Great food. Doggies love’s it.

  5. Dale (verified owner)

    Have four miniature schnauzers and they go crazy with excitement whenever this food is put out for them ….no need to wash the food bowls afterwards !! They LOVE it

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