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PaleoPet Pure Chicken Meal – 1,5 Kg (2 x 750g)

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This is a 1,5 Kilogram pack made up of two 750 gram tubs, ideal for feeding a medium sized dog or a few small dogs. 
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PaleoPet Pure Chicken Meal for Dogs – 1,5 Kg (2 x 750g)

A Balanced & Complete Raw Meal for Dogs made with Free Range locally farmed Chicken with Vegetables & Fruit.


INGREDIENTS: Chicken (Meat, Bone, Fat, Gizzards, Liver), Pumpkin/Butternut, Carrot, Apple, Beetroot, Spinach, Organic Sea Kelp (Ascophyllum nosodum), DHA from Phytoplankton, Zinc Gluconate, Ferrous Gluconate, Natural Vitamin E

Average Analysis

Protein (min) 135 g/kg / 103 g/1000 Kcal | Moisture (max) 730 g/kg / 518 g/1000 Kcal | Fat (min) 70 g/kg / 56,25 g/1000 Kcal | Fibre (max) 4 g/kg / 2,6 g/1000 Kcal | Ash (max) 38 g/kg / 25,4 g/1000 Kcal | Calcium (max) 8,0 g/kg / 5,6 g/1000 Kcal | Phosphorus (max) 4,8 g/kg / 3,3 g/1000 Kcal | Potassium (min) 2,2 g/kg / 2,0 g/1000 Kcal | Iron (min) 26 mg/kg / 22 mg/1000 Kcal / Zinc (min) 32 mg/kg / 25 mg/1000 Kcal | Vitamin A (min) 5 000 IU/kg / 4240 IU/1000 Kcal | Vitamin B1 Thiamine (min) 3 mg/kg / 2,8 mg/1000 Kcal | Omega 3 (DHA) 650 mg/kg / 470 mg/1000 Kcal | 1000 Kcal is approximately 720 grams as fed.

Feeding Guidelines


Should consume 2 to 3% of their IDEAL body weight in food per day divided into two meals. Some small breeds may require 3 to 4%.


Should consume 6 to 8% of their body weight in food per day divided into three meals until six months of age. Not suitable for puppies under 500g in weight, small pieces may present a choking hazard.


Should consume 6 to 8% of their body weight in food per day during the last two weeks of pregnancy and while whelping.

Feed according to the individual needs of your dog. Every dog is a little different.

Not for human consumption.


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  1. Marike Lubbe

    My dogs absolutely love it!!!

  2. cathy

    My doggies loves this food

  3. Dale

    Four miniature Schnauzers and they go crazy for this product, makes me happy to see them sooo happy !!

  4. Stiaan Herbst

    Our Schnauzers love PaleoPet. They get it for breakfast and dinner and finishes their meals always. Enzo has stopped scratching as much since we took him of pellets and only giving him PaleoPet. I also find PaleoPet very affordable for a healthy substitute to other dog foods.

  5. Elana lee

  6. Christelle Oosthuysen

  7. Tasha de Beer

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