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PaleoPet Pure Free Range Chicken Backs – 1 Kg

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Whole, Free Range chicken backs that contain primarily small, soft bones and lots of meat! Great for all size dogs, but you might need to cut them up for smaller breeds.

Single 1 Kg vacuum sealed bag.

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PaleoPet Pure Free Range Chicken Backs – 1 Kg

Whole, Free Range, chicken backs from birds that are not given routine antibiotics or growth hormones, packed in a single 1 Kg vacuum sealed bag.

  1. Cheryl Messina (verified owner)

    Good quality product. It’s just that each backbone is a little big for my Foxi x-Min Pin (who is also short of a few teeth). But no problem – I cut each back-bone into 3 with a pair of scissors. I find this makes a perfect pre-bed snack for Jessie.

    • isis

      Hi Cheryl, you may find the Chicken necks are a better option for her.

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